SiteSoft GeoTab is a robust, secure and scalable solution

to manage and track your contractors using your tablet.

SiteSoft GeoTab is SiteSoft’s Kiosk based Health and Safety Solution. Optimal for contractors without smart phones, or in areas with Wi-Fi but poor reception.

Enables contractors to sign in on arrival and acknowledge they have received important heath and safety induction material.

Download of GeoTab brochure here.

Key features:

  • Seamless Reporting - Contractor “in’s” and “out’s” are generated upon signing in and out integrating with SiteSoft GeoTrack webapp reports. Know who is onsite, when they got there, and when they leave.
  • Stay Compliant with Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Secure with a SiteSoft mount suited to the area being used.
  • Connection Plans - Utilize Wi-Fi or a data plan.

Own your own Tablet for only $600+GST

  • You also get 3 months FREE subscription with maintenance and $45.00+GST per month thereafter. 
  • Note: The Kiosk will require a power point to ensure charging.