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Last Updated On November 23, 2018
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Mobile Device technology is used in all facets of our everyday life. Over 88% of New Zealanders use a smartphone and this is increasing monthly.

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Use of smartphones are now an essential tool in the workplace and the development of mobile app technology is exploding.

SiteSoft provides a clever App solution that helps all types of businesses track their workforces. While custom solutions can be developed for specific clients SiteSoft concentrates app development around property management providing risk and hazard compliance technology to meet the demanding requirements of the New Zealand Health and Safety Act.

At the heart of the app is the ability to communicate risks and hazards of a site and to gain the required real time acknowledgement of these.

The key benefits of this are;

  • Improved safety to site visitors
  • Reduced exposure for PCBU’s (persons in control of a business or entity)

Smart use of geo-fencing tracks contractors with time and date stamped reporting of site entry and exits and ability to ‘see’ a contractor on your property via the administrator’s portal – particularly useful for larger properties.

Other custom developed features include contractor document management and expiry diary and simple risk and hazard reporting.