Feature Rich

SiteConnect has launched a raft of new features, from Contractor Pre-qualifications and Audits to Online SSSP Management (including Task Analysis, Emergency Response Plans, Tool Box Talks and more).

All these essential Health & Safety elements in a single SaaS application, encouraging engagement from all visitors, staff and contractors on site.

Download a copy of our Key Features brochure here.

Key Features

SiteConnect’s comprehensive Health & Safety features allow you to save time, protect contractors and staff while making sure they are qualified.

Site Management

Site Management

Set-up and store vital information about your sites.


Automated signing in and out of site.

QR Codes

QR Codes for signing in and out of site.

Account Management

Employee Management

Manage your employees and their system permissions.

Contractor Management

Manage your contractors and their site access.


Pre-qualify your contractors working in your business.

SSSP Management


Manage your SSSP (Site-Specific Safety Plan) for your site and contractors.

Hazardous Substances

Manage hazardous substances on-site with SDS.


Report and track incidents.


Create documents and assign them to sites.

Emergency Response Plans

Create and share ERP for sites.

Task Analysis

Create and share Task Analysis Documents.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Feature rich, user friendly Mobile App.


Induct employees on-site and for your account.

Incident & Hazard Reporting

Report new hazards and incidents on site as they happen.

Toolbox Talks
Create and view toolbox talks.

Create audit templates and complete.


Create and assign tasks with priority and due date.


Report on Access Control

See who is on-site, when users are signing in and out of site, and time spent on-site.

Report on Site Activity

View reported hazards, incidents and completed audits.

Exporting to PDF

All reports can be exported to PDF and CSV formats.

Visitor Kiosk

For visitors to sites who are not registered in SiteConnect, and for contractors without smartphones and working in remote reception areas with Wi-Fi.