Our Solutions

The SiteSoft Site Management Solution allows managers of small, medium and large sites (example construction industry) to get subcontractors and workers to provide their licenses, certification and documents by downloading those into the SiteSoft website. The contractor purchases an induction code from SiteSoft and then allocates that code to a worker in order to complete their online induction. On successful completion of the registration and general induction, workers will receive a text message providing instructions to download the site entry app.

Download a copy of our SiteSoft GeoTrack brochure here.

Customised to satisfy a variety of different industries

That App when scanned onsite allows for authorised entry to the site – all done without paper thus having an e-product.

Residential Home Builders

Residential Home builders are moving away from manual processes and managing health and safety compliance on site with SiteSoft – GeoTrack.

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Property Managers
Property Managers give contractors SiteSoft to keep them safe, and to gain essential acknowledgements of risks and hazards.

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Body Corporates

Body Corporates who care about safety use SiteSoft to meet PCBU compliance requirements. SiteSoft simplifies compliance and communicates essential health & safety messaging of risks and hazards associated with your body corporate property.

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Mobile App Technology

Sitesoft uses Mobile App technology to help PCBU’s communicate risks & hazard. SiteSoft provides a clever App solution that helps all types of businesses track their workforces.

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Education PCBU’s rely on SiteSoft to comply with  health and safety regulations and reduce personal liability. SiteSoft supports school PCBU’s to achieve a safer and more compliant workplace environment by improving health & safety risks and hazards messaging to contractors who visit the school grounds on a regular basis.

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Training, Support & Knowledge Base

Training & Support
Our customer support team is happy to talk you through set-up step by step to ensure you get off to a great start. Setting up property geo-fences literally takes minutes and very soon you will be inviting your co-workers and building your own contractor/visitor community fast.

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Knowledge Base

Library of all our solution brochures, on boarding guides and induction guides.

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