Our COVID-19 Healthy Site module

creates a safer and more compliant environment for workers and visitors.

As lockdown alert level 4 ends and alert level 3 commences, the construction industry is allowed to re-open if it complies with the new Government Regulations.

SiteSoft has launched a new SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site module which ensures compliance with these new government regulations and keeps your staff safe while on-site.

This is FREE to existing customers and is available right now for new customers. If you would like further information email our sales team, call us on Freephone 0800 748 763 or complete our online order form here.

SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Resource Centre
- SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Online User Guide
- SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Solution Brochure
- SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Quick Start Guide - Web portal (administrators)
- SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Quick Start Guide Mobile app (users/contractors)

Manual Resources:

- SiteConnect COVID-19 Health-Declaration, Sign-In and Sign-Out Forms
- SiteConnect COVID-19 Toolbox-Talks

SiteConnect’s COVID-19 Healthy site module is included in our comprehensive health & safety site management application at no extra cost, supporting you to make your workplace a safer and more compliant environment for workers and visitors.

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Web Platform Quick Start Guide

Mobile App Quick Start Guide

Our new COVID-19 Healthy Site module has essential elements that include:

Health Declaration

All users are required to complete a health declaration after their first login since the release of this feature.

SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site - Mobile - User Health Declaration

SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Manager Notifications

COVID-19 Notifications

Site management are notified as soon as users sign into sites using GPS or QR Codes. These notifications can be toggled on or off by site account administrators.

COVID-19 Access Control Register

A complete record of arrivals and departures are kept along with the sign-in and sign-out declarations for each site entry and exit.

SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site - Web - Register of Users

SiteConnect COVID-19 Health Site - Mobile - Sign Out Declaration

/ Sign-out Declaration Forms

Site sign-in and sign-out declarations must be completed on a regular basis. These declarations may vary from site-to-site, but will contain the same health and safety requirements.

Self Management

SiteConnect enables simple self management of our COVID-19 feature. Site account administrators can customize the sign-in and sign-out declarations as needed for their organizations.

SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site - Configuration