Education PCBU’s rely on SiteSoft

to comply with  health and safety regulations and reduce personal liability.

Everybody who is involved with a school has a responsibility for health and safety, but there are specific responsibilities that are tied to specific roles.

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A key role defined by the HSWA is the “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)”. A PCBU is usually an entity rather than an individual. In the case of schools/kura, the PCBU is a school’s board of trustees – as a collective entity, in the same way the board is the employer.

As the PCBU, the board holds the primary duty of care to ensure the health and safety of everybody involved with the school “so far as is reasonably practicable”. The HSWA also introduces a duty for officers of the PCBU. In the case of schools/kura, the board members as individuals, including the principal, are all “officers” of the PCBU.

The officer duty is an individual responsibility that is distinct from the collective responsibilities of the board. The board usually delegates the implementation of health and safety policy to the principal, who develops appropriate procedures and practices to ensure obligations and expectations are met.

The board may delegate any of its functions or powers but can never delegate its accountability.

SiteSoft supports school PCBU’s to achieve a safer and more compliant workplace environment by improving health & safety risks and hazards messaging to contractors who visit the school grounds on a regular basis.

We know that the school environment is always changing and this includes the potential threats to visitors, staff and pupil’s safety.

Key features of SiteSoft include;

  • Gaining risk and hazard acknowledgements from contractors visiting the property
  • Providing a simple method of recording risks and hazards
  • Automated contractor sign in and sign out saving time and reducing compliance costs
  • Providing a time and date stamped record of contractor visits
  • Making contractors on site visible through the App GPS capability
  • Requiring contractors to log their current police vetting certification and other compliance documents to ensure public safety
  • Requiring contractors to state a reason for their visit for future reporting and analysis

These features increase safety and minimise risk in the school environment, greatly reducing the potential exposure of Boards of Trustees and other officers of the PCBU.