Residential Builders use SiteConnect

to manage health & safety compliance on site.

Residential builders are moving away from manual processes and managing health and safety compliance on site with SiteConnect.

Download our Residential Builders solution brochure here.

With our standard features you can track contractors on and off your sites with time and date stamps using mobile GPS technology on their smart phones. The same devices now enable inductions to be delivered and acknowledged – an essential compliance requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

Risks and Hazards can be recorded and incidents reported directly on to the system.

Coming soon is our automated Site Specific Safely Management Plan (SSSP) able to be exchanged between PCBUs and updated as required.

Contractor employees can log and update personal training and compliance certifications and diary for important expiry dates as required.

Administrator health & safety managers have access to our PC web portal for ease of data management and there is a tablet available for site sign in and sign out where mobile devices are not available.

With new features constantly in development SiteSoft is keeping pace with the quickly changing health & safety environment.