Why SiteSoft

Mobile App Technology

Mobile Device technology is used in all facets of our everyday life. Over 88% of New Zealanders use a smartphone and this is increasing monthly. Use of smartphones are now an essential tool in the workplace and the development of mobile app technology is exploding. Read more

Property Managers

Property Managers have wide ranging responsibilities representing many stakeholders including owners, tenants, and visitors to their sites. As a PCBU (person in control of a business unit or entity) the 2015 Health & Safety Act place significant liability on you and your organization. Read more


Education PCBU’s rely on SiteSoft to comply with  health and safety regulations and reduce personal liability. Everybody who is involved with a school has a responsibility for health and safety, but there are specific responsibilities that are tied to specific roles. Read more

Body Corporates

Body Corporates who care about safety use SiteSoft to meet PCBU compliance requirements. The new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (“HSWA”) introduces the term “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking ” or “PCBU”. A PCBU has the main duty under the Act and it is clear that a Body Corporate will be deemed to be a PCBU and will therefore have a number of specific duties under the Act. Read more